Scenery Design for MSFS 2020

Scenery Design for MSFS

Scenery Design for MSFS is a really strong passion, I love the realism and I was already involved in the creation of some sceneries for ORBX. Check out ORBX Scotland scenery with my created airport EGPN Dundee airport. The Microsoft Flight Simulator Series has changed how I think and feel about flying and aircraft. This passion is so strong that I had to learn all about flying and the engineering of aircraft. Today I am an aircraft engineer.

If you like to fly around and want to look at some scenic landscapes I also created bush trips.

Scenery Design for MSFS

Here are the sceneries I’ve created so long for MSFS, more to come.

ESSE Skå-Edeby Airstrip

ESSI Visingsö Airfield

ESTR Trosa Troslanda Airfield

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